Curriculum Vitae


  • Over 20 years’ experience as an antiques and historical arms expert
  • Appraisal and placement of numerous important collections
  • A member of the ESACA - Empire State Arms Collectors Society - since 2002
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We would like to introduce Luther Cotton, Auctionata Expert in Russian Art and Antique Weapons.

Having grown up in a family of antique dealers, Luther Cotton discovered his own love for antiques at a young age whilst spending his free time helping out in his grandfather’s antique shop or accompanying him to antique markets during his holidays.

While on a school trip to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., the expert discovered his second passion - historic weapons. The eight-year-old was so smitten with a medieval sword with elaborate décor that he simply had to touch it. Although he was expelled from the renowned museum, his passion for historic weapons would not leave him for the rest of his life.

From this day onwards, Luther Cotton began collecting rare and exotic weapons. On prolonged journeys through Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and even Northern and Central China, he accumulated countless treasures and antiques. Over the course of his life, the expert appraised, owned and placed numerous collections.

Combating forgeries is of particular importance to the expert, who has encountered them with worrying frequency on the international antiques market. As an accomplished industrial technologist specializing in metal construction, Luther Cotton has engaged with various metal working techniques for many years, thereby learning to distinguish modern techniques from historical, traditional manufacturing methods. Over previous decades, the expert also produced a comprehensive catalog of known forgers, forgeries and forgery techniques within the sphere of rare and historical swords.

According to the expert, regular participation at prominent international antiques fairs is as important as the continued insights gained from studying the objects themselves, or researching reference books and catalogs. Stay true to the leading principle: build up your library before building up your collection.

Luther Cotton lives and works in Prague.