Meissen, 6 Plates with Flowers & Relief Décor, Early 19th C.

Item no. 151166-27
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    • Porcelain with white glaze, polychrome paint and gold rim
    • Germany, early 19th century
    • Meissen Porcelain Manufactory, established in 1710
    • Underglaze blue crossed swords mark (mark from circa 1780)
    • Symmetrical shape with slightly deepened well on a recessed foot ring
    • Floral decoration in relief on the broad flag with curved edge and on the well; well with painted floral arrangements and scattered flowers
    • Diameter: each 24.5 cm
    • This object is sold through our Berlin office
    Checked by the Art Loss Register
  • Additional Information & Condition

    Additional Information & Condition

    This set of six Meissen plates dates from the early 19th century. The plates have a symmetrical shape with a curved edge and a slightly deepened well on a recessed foot ring. A floral decoration in relief adorns the broad flag and the center of the well. Fine painted floral arrangements and scattered flowers are both colorful and decorative accents.

    The plates bear the underglaze blue crossed swords mark (mark from circa 1780) on the underside. They are overall in good condition, showing light signs of wear. The gold rims and the color of the flowers are rubbed off in parts. Some plates show chips on the edges and the foot rings. One plate has a hairline crack and one plate has been restored on the edge. The diameter of the plates is 24.5 cm.

    Meissen Porcelain Manufactory
    Porcelain has been known in Europe since the 13th Century, but always had to be imported from China. Thus it was mostly of lower quality – the Chinese rarely gave their best ware to the foreigners – and extremely expensive. Europeans tried to copy Chinese the Chinese porcelain for centuries but only in 1708 managed to create real porcelain – in Meissen. The manufacturer’s brand, the crossed swords in blue, has been in use since 1722 and is still a guarantee for the high quality of the porcelain. Meissen celebrated its 300 years of existence in 2008. Quality has always been the number one criteria for Meissen and they go as far as having their own mine to win the needed kaolin, also known as china clay, for the production. It takes several years to reach the degree of a “master painter” in Meissen but judging by the quality of the painting, it is definitely worth it. (cko)

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