Private Sales

Auctionata’s Private Sales Department offers a discrete and individualized service for buyers and sellers.
With this customized service, we connect private buyers and sellers and facilitate a discrete sale at a fixed-price outside the auction room.
Thanks to the worldwide network of more than 400 specialists and our international client base, Auctionata’s Private Sales specialists can provide you with the best expertise and identify the right buyers across the globe.

How it works


To learn more about Private Sales opportunities at Auctionata, please contact:

Victoria Mäder Dunn
Vice President Specialist Departments Berlin

  • What are private sales?

    What are private sales?

    Auctionata’s Private Sales are an individualized service to connect buyers and sellers, in order to facilitate a discrete sale at a fixed-price outside the auction room. Thereby, Auctionata helps buyers to find and buy the specific objects they are looking for. At the same time, our Private Sales allow sellers to sell their objects discreetly for a fixed price, without consigning them for a public auction.

  • How do private sales work?

    How do private sales work?

    Once a collector approaches Auctionata with the desire to buy a specific object, our Private Sales specialists will reach out to our global network of experts and our international client base to find this object and broker a discreet sale. As a part of this individualized service, Auctionata will search for the object, approach its seller and negotiate the terms of the sale on the buyer’s behalf. At the same time, a seller who would like to sell an object without consigning it to a public auction, can rely on our service to offer his objects to potential buyers and facilitate a sale at a fixed-price in the most discrete fashion.

  • In which categories can I buy or sell privately?

    In which categories can I buy or sell privately?

    Auctionata offers Private Sales across a broad range of categories, including Fine Arts, Post-War & Contemporary Art, Antiques and Applied Arts, Design, Asian Art, Jewelry, Watches, Wine, and Classic Cars.

  • What are the benefits of a private sale?

    What are the benefits of a private sale?

    Thanks to this individualized service, buyers can rely on us to find whatever they are looking for, even if the object is very rare to appear on the market. Thereby, we take over the entire search process to identify potential objects, which might have been unknown to the market before. In addition, we negotiate an appropriate price, which cannot be influenced by third-party auction bids.

    At the same time, a private seller can rely on a secure transaction at a predictable fixed-price, without being bound to an auction date. Moreover, our Private Sales Department handles all administrative processes from authentication over price negotiation to payment and delivery in the most transparent way. Thanks to Auctionata’s global reach and extensive network, our Private Sales specialists can identify the best offer across the globe and provide you with the right expertise to manage your collection.

    Of course, the details of the transactions are kept confidential and ensure privacy of buyers and sellers.

Categories for Private Sales

Fine Art

Post-War & Contemporary Art, 19th Century & Old Master Paintings, Impressionist & Modern Art, Editions & Photography

Applied Art

Design, Decorative Art, Antiques, Collectibles, Silver, Porcelain, Furniture, Sculptures, Rugs & Carpets

Non-European Art

Asian Art, Ancient Cultures, Tribal & Islamic Art

Vintage Luxury

Classic Cars, Wine, Vintage & Modern Timepieces, Jewelry, Vintage Fashion & Handbags