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Auctionata’s international network of experts is composed of so many specialists that we can provide fast, accurate and professional valuations for items from the most diverse categories – from antique jewellery to contemporary art.

In order to provide our customers with the best possible service, we’re always on the lookout for candidates with profound expertise to extend our network even further. Naturally, Auctionata’s experts receive appropriate payment for their work.

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If you have specialist knowledge of one or more subjects in the fields of art or antiques, a love of communication, and you’d like to be part of a global network of experts, then we welcome your application. Please include a short, compelling biography with details of your specialist subject(s), along with a photo.

Expertise in demand

Experts in the following subjects are especially welcome at Auctionata.

African Art



Tinplate Toys

Writing Instruments

Scientific Instruments

Antique Technology

Russian Art & Icons

Vintage Photography

Fraternity Collectibles & Beer Steins

Antique Cameras and Accessories

Musical Instruments

Scientific & Medical Antiques

Tribal Art

Military Antiques & Antique Weapons

Toy & Model Trains


What you offer us

Expertise and experience

A combination of in-depth knowledge of one or more subjects and professional experience is required to become an expert at Auctionata. In addition, you should possess up-to-the-minute knowledge of the market in your specialist subject(s). Practical experience in an auction house is not absolutely necessary.

An open, communicative approach

Open communication is extremely important to us. As a member of our international network of experts, you’ll be in regular contact with other specialists. You also must be willing to share your expertise with others. In return, of course, you’ll also benefit from your colleagues’ invaluable expertise.

The ability to value items professionally

Auctionata experts must be able to produce accurate estimates of items’ value and write professional catalogue descriptions. We carry out valuations either on the basis of photos and information supplied, or by viewing items in person.

What we offer you

Curation of our shop

As an Auctionata expert, you have the opportunity to organise your own section for both auctions and for our shop. Here you can present both yourself and items from your specialist field.

An international network

There are many advantages to joining our international network of experts. The biggest is the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. Auctionata also has a team of generalists to support you in your work.

A powerful platform

Whether in the shop or in the expert section of our website, Auctionata is the perfect platform to showcase your profile and expertise.

Flexibility and mobility

Next to no type of work is as flexible as that of an Auctionata expert. You can organise your own time and you’re not tied to one place. Of course, we do require you to respond to requests promptly in order to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Attractive payment

Naturally, as an Auctionata expert you will receive appropriate payment and industry-standard commission.

Clear terms

If you have the experience and qualifications to help us expand our network, Auctionata will offer you a contract setting out your responsibilities and the payment you will receive in writing. For more information, please contact us.