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Modern and satisfying

Select your next masterpiece today from the walls of Auctionata. Buying art online with us offers a modern alternative to the traditional art auction house - introducing the best features of auction house allure to the simplicity of online purchasing. Visit our online shop to browse more than 10,000 valuable items.

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The first of its kind

The first of its kind, you can watch our live auctions, streaming in high definition to your smart phone or computer, and place your bid in real-time. Never compromising the quality of art we offer, Auctionata has revolutionized how to buy art online. Hear about upcoming auctions in our newsletter.

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How to buy art online: with expert assurance

Quality assurance

In deciding where to buy art online, insist on quality and authenticity. Benefit from this assurance at Auctionata, where our international team of more than 250 art experts inspects, researches, and evaluates the art passing through our hands.

Finest detail

Buy art online with confidence. The features of our art are described in detail, and documented by our team of professional photographers. Our experts select only the finest work, fit for discerning clients and collectors around the world.

Professional service

We furthermore assure excellent handling of your art: arranging everything from secure display in our studios, to door-to-door delivery. The best place to buy art online is where quality, taste, and professional service are a given.

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