9. Cancellation

9. Cancellation

9.1 We shall have the right, but not the obligation, to cancel a sale without notice to you if:

(a) we reasonably believe that there is a material breach of the Seller’s representations and warranties, or of the Limited Warranty described under Section 12;

(b) where we believe the sale is or may be unlawful;

(c) we determine in our sole judgment that the sale of the Property has subjected or may subject us and/or the Seller to any liability to anyone else or may damage our reputation; or

(d) an adverse claim is made by a third party.

9.2 Upon notice of our election to cancel the sale, you shall promptly return the Property to us, and we will then refund the Purchase Price you paid. As described more fully in Section 12, the refund of the Purchase Price paid shall constitute your sole remedy and recourse against us and the Seller, and full limit of liability, with respect to such cancelled sale.

9.3 For purposes of this Section 9 and the terms throughout these Conditions of Sale, “cancel” shall include cancellation, rescission, and termination under the Uniform Commercial Code.