Auctionata Guarantee: Trust is our highest priority

As a pioneer in online auctions, Auctionata has become the market leader for the sale of art and luxury goods within a few years. This is thanks to our loyal customers like you.

Therefore, our top priorities are transparency, trust, and the maintenance of long-term customer relationships.

About Auctionata

  • We are an international company that handles purchases and sales all over the world.
  • We are market leaders using state-of-the-art technology and a unique platform.
  • Sales are conducted through various channels in auctions and our own online shop.

Our guarantee for buyers

  • Any item purchased at Auctionata, either in our auctions or our online shop, has been thoroughly tested and valued by experienced experts.
  • Auctionata guarantees the quality of the purchased goods and the accuracy of the object descriptions.
  • All steps in the sales process are handled with care and in accordance with the highest standards of Auctionata. The contractual conditions are binding.
  • Our website, including the online shop, is certified by the independent quality inspectors of TÜV Süd and Trusted Shops.
  • Items purchased from us, which remain in our warehouses, are already the property of the buyer. Until they are delivered, the goods are professionally stored in specially secured rooms. All items are insured by us.
  • If transport is desired, it is carried out by our own skilled logistics department, safely hand-packed and professionally delivered.
  • Auctionata is a member of the Art Compensation Association (AV Kunst) and examines all objects, prior to sale, in the Art Loss Register.

Our guarantee for consignors

  • All objects which are currently sold on consignment, as well as all proceeds from sales, are held in trust and are under special protection. Consignors are therefore protected against any risk.
  • Sales proceeds are guaranteed after receipt of the payment by the buyer, from the trust account to the consignor.
  • Items stored in our warehouse premises remain the property of their consignors, and are professionally stored in specially secured premises. All items are insured by us.
  • All steps in the sales process are handled with care and in accordance with the highest standards of Auctionata. The signed contract terms are binding for us.
  • Consignors benefit from our professional and careful cataloging, photography, authentication, and presentation.
  • Consignors receive "all-inclusive marketing" on all channels, as well as promotion via our partners.

The leading online auction house for art and luxury collectibles

The Auctionata Guarantee

We provide every single buyer with our Auctionata Guarantee for all items purchased through Auctionata.

Aim of the Auctionata Guarantee

Auctionata warrants the authorship, period, culture or origin (collectively, “Authorship”) of Property offered for sale at auction and via the Online Shop for a period of 25 years from the date of the sale, as amended by oral or written notices and announcements we make, and subject to the exclusions and limitations set forth below:
We warrant the authorship only to the original buyer of record (i.e., the registered successful purchaser) of any Property, and the original buyer must have remained the owner of the Property without disposing of any interest in it to any third party.

Scope of the Auctionata Guarantee

You may bring a claim for breach of this warranty provided that you have notified us in writing within three months of receiving any information which causes you to question the authorship of the Property, specifying the sale in which the Property was sold and corresponding lot number and the reasons why the authorship of the Property is being questioned, and you return the Property in the same condition as it was at the time of its sale; and you are able to transfer good and marketable title in the Property, free and clear of all claims and encumbrances by third parties arising after the date you purchased the Property.


The information above is an excerpt from the Auctionata Limited Warranty found in our Conditions of Sale. You will find the full and legally binding Auctionata Limited Warranty here.