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Antique furniture has timeless allure

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Only antique furniture will do

Outstanding craftsmanship and historical charm - there is no finer option than antique furniture. Time only increases its allure - and the number of avid collectors. Browse through our online shop today to find antique furniture and thousands of rare items.

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An entirely unique object

One of the attractions of antique furniture is its heritage. Designed by artisans and made by hand, no two pieces are identical. Check our auction news to see which unique items may be on their way. Each object is only available once.

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The value of antique furniture

In addition to selling remarkable antique furniture, we can also give insight about the pieces you own. If you would like to know the value of your antique furniture, we offer expert valuations. Contact us now to request a free valuation.

The new way to buy antique furniture

Classic and innovative

Auctionata uniquely couples technological innovation with every advantage of a traditional auction house. We were the first auction house ever to go live online. We offer an impressive selection of antique furniture for sale, gathered from private collections internationally.

The most modern way to bid

With Auctionata, you can buy premium antique furniture conveniently with your smartphone or computer. Streaming live from our film studios in New York and Berlin, our auctions are available online in high definition. Bid in real-time as our professional auctioneers present each piece.

Purchase with assurance

Choosing antique furniture is a pleasure with Auctionata. Be assured that each piece was examined and chosen by our experts, who only accept the best. Select your next heritage piece from our ever-revolving assortment of antique furniture.

Selling antique furniture with Auctionata

Free valuations, delivered by experts

Intriguing and timeless, antique furniture regularly fetches attractive prices at auction. If you are interested in selling antique furniture with Auctionata, our antique furniture auctions and online shop provide an excellent way to sell. Get started by requesting our five free, no-obligation valuations. Our experts have years of experience in the international market, and can provide trusted advice. Read about their experience here.

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We steer your auction to success

We manage all aspects of selling antique furniture, offering safe shipping, professional photography, and expert commentary on your item. Our experienced team of arts experts and media specialists present your antique furniture to an international audience. We know how to sell furniture online to the highest satisfaction of our clients. Read about this success on our auction records page.

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