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The hunt for perfection

Precision and sophistication: there is no compromise in a quality timepiece. When you buy watches, what do you demand? Perhaps an Audemars Piguet, a Rolex, or a Piaget? Auctionata invites you to buy watches online with us, where the hunt begins in our celebrated live auctions.

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Thrill of the chase

Months ago, we smashed a world record when a rare Patek Philippe 2499 emerged as one of our items: $611,000 – the highest sum ever for a watch in an auction online. We also cooperate with Chrono24, the leading US marketplace to buy premium watches.

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Satisfaction found today

There are many options here at Auctionata. In addition to our live auctions, you can also buy impressive watches in our online shop. Browse through our collection now and see what is available - the same piece only appears once. Select something that suits your personal style.

The modern way to buy watches online

The first of its kind

Buy luxury watches in style: capture an exclusive piece here at Auctionata, the first auction house to go live online. Filmed from our state-of-the-art New York and Berlin studios, each event is streamed live to the internet in high definition.

The way that suits you

Bid instantly using our patented real-time technology, from the convenience of your smart phone or computer. Naturally, you can also place bids by phone or in writing. Likewise, join us at the studios to experience the auction first-hand.

An auction with class

Our auctions are curated by experts, and led by professional auctioneers. This means that you can rely upon a top quality experience. Buy watches with us while pausing from a meeting, or relaxing at the pool. We bring you the modern solution.

Buy watches with assurance and ease

Expert service when you buy watches with us

A world-class watch demands quality service. When you buy watches, we ensure that every detail is taken care of. Our variety of services take charge of safe delivery and logistical matters. Furthermore, feel assured in your purchase, knowing our experts select each watch in our collection.

Who are the more than 250 experts in the Auctionata network? Visit our experts page to read about their impressive experience in the field. The Director of our Watch Department is Dr. Oliver Hoffman - Director likewise of the Expert Group of the German Society for Chronometry, and a renowned international expert.

We apply this expertise to the benefit of both buyers and sellers. Our team of in-house photographers, cataloguers and arts specialists capture and document the important details of each item. When the time is right to buy watches, Auctionata is your quality choice.

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